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A safe steroid with high anabolic activity with nandrole decanoate as a deistant. It was synthesized in 62 20 the 19th century for medical use. He has proved himself perfectly in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and other disorders of the bone system. Over time, the drug began to be used in supportive therapy of HIV infection patients. Having noticed positive properties of the hormone it began to be used in sports practice. It is the most versatile and safe means to build up muscle mass and increase aerobic abilities. It is used in various sports to achieve physical activity and during drying after strong steroid agents. Its low androgenic activity allows women to use it without fear for a hormonal background. Of course, dosages are minimal and differ from standard standards.

Before using steroid for the first time should exclude allergic reactions of the body. Beginners need to start injections with a minimum dosage of 200 mg per week. Remember this sustained-action steroid until 15 days after the first injection. Frequent injections can lead to irreversible disorders in the hormonal background. More experienced athletes use 400 to 600 mg per week. Standard norms are presented here, and they can change depending on the sport and identity of the body. If you want to achieve great results with this drug, you should take 2 courses with a break equal to the time of the course itself. This is a reliable option that will protect you from negative reactions. If the application time is extended, assistance should be used. After you finish, complete the recovery procedures. It is important to know that the drug is long enough in the body and can be detected when tested at competitions. For 1.5 years, masking agents have been needed. You can also resort to trick and use a softer form of nandrolone to hide the presence of the deck. This will help to reduce the period of presence of the substance in the blood.